František Kyncl: 13
25.11.2020 - 12.12.2020

František Kyncl
25.11.2020 – 12.12.2020

13 is the number of works by Frantisek Kyncl presented at the Gallery. The oldest is dated 1965, Kyncl was still in Prague. In 1966 he had an opportunity to spend a short period of time in Austria and Italy, where he had an important encounter with the work of Lucio Fontana. In 1969 a court in Czechoslovakia sentenced him in absentia to imprisonment without parole for the escape from the republic. Kyncl left Austria and moved to West Germany, first to Essen and later to Düsseldorf where he lived until his death.

«”I have pulled the ropes to the belfry; garlands from window to window; Golden chains star to star, and I dance”

Nobleness, elegance excited sensuousness as well as the tension of a hidden symbol, a light touch of a fervent human feeling with infinity. All this hidden in one subtle verse of the poem Phrases, as the French poet Arthur Rimbaud included it in his collection, “Illuminations”. The unique rhythm of the verse, succinctly representing a state of mind in a space became also a certain credo for the painter, printmaker, sculptor and spatial designer in infinity, František Kyncl. The verse did not become only a motto, but an important guide on his artistic and human journey.»

Petr Svoboda. “František Kyncl: Construction of the Infinite” 2006. Exhibition catalogue for the Fine Art Gallery in Most