The fake of the real. Cyril Hatt
18.06.2021 - 18.08.2021

Cyril Hatt
18.06.2021 – 18.08.2021

Cyril Hatt reconstructs life-size everyday objects by photographing them in piecemeal fashion, with each fragment measuring 10 x 15 cm each. He brackets these photos together to create singular entities, which at first glance are identical to the source material. The numerous and visible staples display the fragility of their external appearance. Thus, the quotidian loses its utility, which had been its substance. Deprived of their functions, these commonplace items nevertheless retain their original appearance. But the names we give to them no longer correspond to what they are.

Just as the sunset (or sunrise) is a name given to a phenomenon that does not exist. And for good reason: the sun neither rises nor sets. It is the fake of the real that Cyril uncovers.

In the gallery space, he has recreated the atmosphere of a room from the 80s with reminiscent interior decor, which we cannot but wonder at with a smile.

Whether this summary does justice to the work of the artist, who was born in France in 1975, you will have to assess on the spot.

Raphaël Levy