11.09.2020 - 07.11.2020

Yesterday is Today
Natalia LL and Ryszard Wasko
11.09.2020 – 07.11.2020

Vernissage: 11.09.2020, 15:00 
Due to the current situation, Natalia LL will not be able to attend the opening. Ryszard Wasko will be present.

In September, the Berlin-based Gallery aKonzept will show the works of two outstanding neo-avant-garde artists, Natalia LL and Ryszard Wasko. Their work along with their philosophical ideas have been part of the Polish progressive art scene since the 1970s.Natalia LL comes from Wrocław, where she and Andrzej Lachowicz, Zbigniew Dłubak and Antoni Dzieduszycki were founding the Permafo-Gallery, which paved the way for a whole new generation of artists.Ryszard Wasko was active in the Workshop of the Film Form (Warsztat Formy Filmowej) in Lodz where he had a profound influence on media art in the fields of film, photography, and video. He also curated the exhibition project “Construction in Process” in 1981, for which artists as Richard Nonas, Dennis Oppenheim, Sol LeWitt, and many others came to Łódź to support the Solidarność movement.Over the past decades, the works of both artists have always been an integral part of the latest developments of the neo-avantgarde. Their committed artistic and pedagogical pursuits fit the radical and internationally recognized works of artists from all over the world: Natalia embodies early feminist approaches with her photos, films, and performances, while Ryszard continues his exploration of the structure of film, video, and photography, transferring them into drawings, paintings, and even sculptures.
Andrzej Paruzel