Tête en méditation

A special edition of the book Si Seulement with poems by Françoise Ascal and a charcoal drawing by Alexandre Hollan, signed with their initials.
Book signed by Ascal and Hollan,
23.5 × 17 cm
Charcoal on paper signed with initials,
40 × 30 cm
Provenance: Raphaël Levy, Art dealer, Zurich, Switzerland.

sous le front des vivants
les morts palpitent.

pour trouer l’obscur
recours de la lumière
en quête d’elle-même.
– Françoise Ascal

under the foreheads of the living
the dead palpitates.

to pierce the dark
use of light
in search of herself.
– Françoise Ascal

Hollan’s meditative figures suggest a choice, which is perhaps not so far
from Hamlet’s meditation. Ascal’s poems stand out: it will be on the side of the living, not the lying. “Faces too smooth / in the bone cage / turns / an unfriendly pack.” Even if you enter the world of “shadows”, there is still someone calling: “who watches here?” Beyond that, if we have to consider death without sentences, we find distinctness, separation: “you / multitude buried under humus / us / lonely behind our faces.” – Antoine Emaz

€ 2000.-

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