El muerto que tiene sed / Der Tote der Durst hat

El muerto que tiene sed / Der Tote der Durst hat
23 3/5 × 17 7/10 in
60 × 45 cm
Signed, dated, and framed in a wood black box by the artist.

In 1977, Vostell undertook a series of 10 small-format object paintings whose common base was a photograph of the rocky landscape of Los Barruecos imprinted on canvas and retouched by the artist with watercolour brush strokes. To each photograph, he glued a plate containing a variety of different materials. Depending on the photo, these could be flies, thistles, burnt wood, grains of sand, or other material. Bearing a title both poetic and paradoxical, El Muerto Gue Tiene Sed (The Dead Man Who Is Thirsty) constitutes a cycle whose enunciation suggests a direct semantic relation with archaic and funeral rites, and evokes a symbolic image of the enigmatic capacity of the forces that move man to transcend temporal experience and project his impulse for life into the kingdom of shadows. More explicitly and directly than in any other area of his vast output, Vostell, in this cycle, tackles a reflection on death from the conceptual premise that identifies art and life, a theme that orientates all his work.
– Vostell Extremadura by Antonio Franco Dominguez, 1992, page 100 (translated by Noel Byde)
€ 4500.-

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