In Oelper Scheperts (Braunschweiger mit Kasebaumen) (Dobke 281)

In Oelper Scheperts (Braunschweiger mit Kasebaumen) (Dobke 281)
Offset lithograph with applied processed cheese sealed within a plastic envelope on wove paper
32 × 49 cm
Edition of 100 numbered and signed.

In Oelper Scheperts is subtitled Brunswick landscape with cheese trees. It is an assemblage on a b/w photograph printed using offset lithography. It shows a street leading into the picture, a car parked in front of a fence is cut off by the left border of the image. In the background of the picture one recognizes the silhouette of some trees. Yellow imprints on them are left by cheese slices applied by the artist. As the cheese became rancid, it spread in its own way and determined the shape of the daubs. The graphic is enclosed in a transparent film. The title alludes to the Braunschweig district of Oelper. Together with Karl Schulz, who executed the work, Roth ran a small print shop there, where his graphics were exclusively produced. The verb “schepert” derives from “scheppern” and from “shepherd”.
“Melancholischer Nippes” (Melancholic knickknacks) Dieter Roth’s Early Objects and Material Pictures (1960-75). Dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Hamburg. Submitted by Dirk Dobke from Neviges / Rhineland. “Melancholischer Nippes”, Hamburg, 1997

€ 6000.-

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