Red “Letraset” arranged vertically and fixed on “Vergé” paper, signed and dated on the back.
21 x 29 cm

Expanding the boundaries of visual and conceptual poetry, Valoch gradually, but steadily and radically, exceeds and blurs distinction between images and words. His work is usually realized in the form of text interventions of consistent typography.

(…) It is worth noting how Structuralist linguistics influenced his artistic thinking. The beginning of Structuralism in linguistics concerns the way a sign in language is formed by two parts – a signifier and a signified, the denoting and the denoted. (…) With his textual works, Valoch touches on each of these characteristics of the language sign. (Lenka Vítková. Excerpts from: now art is here: Jiří Valoch Umělec magazine 2007/1)

EUR 1500.-
Collection Raphaël Lévy, Zurich

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