TPL | Tombeau de Pierre Larousse

TPL | Tombeau de Pierre Larousse |1961 | 1961 | Artist Book | Wuppertal: Verlag der Kalender | Large square paperbound quarto (12 square) | Poetry by Francois Dufrêne, “Dé-coll/age” by Wolf Vostell, introduction by Alain Jouffroy | The volume was published even before the magazine “décoll/ age” was founded. “The décollages come from various streets of European cities and were collected, selected, photographed and silk-screen printed by Wolf Vostell between 1956 and 1961” Text by Alain Jouffroy in German and French. One of 300 copies. This is a unique copy, with an original dé-coll/age (lacerated poster), signed by Wolf Vostell on the first page | POR

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