16.11.2019 - 14.12.2019

Opening: 16.11.2019, 6 – 9 pm
Finissage: 14.12.2019, 6 pm

From 16.11.2019 to 14.12.2019 Raphael Lévy and Galerie aKonzept present “Correlation”. With artworks by Anne-Lise Coste, Martin Disler and Guillaume Sebag.

Some computer algorithms are designed to analyze and interpret behavioural patterns. Our artists often create works with a similar method. In addition, however, they employ their five senses. This combination of methods creates a symbiosis of feelings, overlapping thoughts, and countless impressions. These can be gleaned from the seven special works that we would like to share with you.

Six of the works are already finished. The seventh is yours to bring to life.

Your co-creation becomes part of the exhibition.

We cordially invite you to impress your imagination upon the emptiness of the seventh canvas with the acrylic paint and brush provided in the gallery. It is a piece to be created by you who do not know each other, and yet interact through the medium of the canvas. It is aptly entitled “Correlation”.

You may find inspiration in the works of Anne-Lise Coste, Martin Disler, and Guillaume Sebag. We will share every new progress of the painting on our social media channels. Of course, you are welcome to sign on the back.

At the finissage we will inaugurate this unusual painting. We will compare and discuss all seven paintings together.

We look forward to seeing you — and your work.